Eco friendly modern wedding invitations

By: William Hoffman

Wedding invitations have traditionally been sent out using specialized card or paper. They may look pretty, but paper wedding invitations may end up costing you more money and may even contribute to damaging the environment. Not only do you need to pay for materials, you also need to pay for the postage.

Modern wedding invitations do not need to be like this however as they can be sent by email or other electronic means.

Electronic wedding invites are kinder to the environment as they will not need to use any paper or envelopes. They will also save you money as you will not have to pay for the material or for postage.

Planning a wedding can be very stressful and time consuming, so saving time in the run up to the big day can be invaluable. Sending electronic wedding invites means that in just one or two clicks, hundreds of guests can be invited. It also means that family or friends who live at the other side of the world can also receive their invitation at the same time as the friends who live around the corner. This means you will have a smaller carbon footprint as you will not have to send the invites by airmail or spend a fortune on postage.

There will also be no chance of the invitations getting lost within the mail system either as sending the invitations electronically means they will never fall prey to freaky weather conditions.

By sending the invitations by email, you also make things easier for your guests too as they can send their RSVP back quickly without having to post it back. Final numbers for the guest list can then be passed on to the venue so things can be finalized well in advance.